6 weeks holiday


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In the six weeks holiday I am going to mayorca and I was wondering what you are doing.

If you aren’t going anywhere where would you like to go?

I hope you enjoy the six week holiday!

My school trip


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On the school trip I had so much fun because we all got into groups and got to dig out old Bronze Age stuff like old hats, teeth which I think was from a dinosaur!

Lots more.

We also made clay pots and it was easy. You had to make a base that looked like a rich tea biscuit. Some wriggly worms to put round it and squish it and you have your clay pot.

For lunch I had a ham sandwich and some crisps and a bottle of water to keep me going.

Last but not least we got to explore a Stone Age house.

There was Bowes and arrows and all sorts of fur and jewellery.

Then unfortunately we had to go back to school on the bus .

But at least we all had a good time.




Shrek’s swamp


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Shrek’s swamp looks like a volcano with a tree at the top but it does not look very nice on the outside. I will describe it to you now.

He has branches hanging down from the tree. Each morning the donkey would come to Shrek’s house to try and annoy him. I will also describe the inside for you.

The toilet is just a little circle made out of wood and a tiny bit of brick at the top so I bet that hurt! He has a wooden bed with animal fur for the cover, and cardboard for the mattress. The walls are made out of wood ( because obviously the tree covers the swamp.) He has a girlfriend called Fiona and she was a human but then she turned into a ogre! His living room is actually the dirtiest room in the house. It is so dirty it always is covered in rats and bugs. At least he has a fire place.

His sofas are normal but not as nice! It is all ruined but is made out of the same material that we use. His kitchen has bees, centipede’s and more. I am now going to speak to you about the decorations, he uses, Pumpkins, skeletons and lots more. He also has a shower on the inside of the house and he has a shower with animal blood so he smells like animal blood.

He has visitors on special occasions like Halloween and billions more. That is all I can describe.

My Gadget


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My name is Maddi. I am a genius! I am the inventor of Kids Ear Machine 4000. What is it you ask?
I will tell you that in a minute. It is the best invention on the planet and will save children from working out the hard answers that takes nearly a week.How did I invent it?
It was stupidly hard. But that is just a longer story.
It all started on a cold, grey evening. I was so bored of trying to work out my maths homework and then BANG! I came up with a great idea! I would invent an ear machine that tells me every single answer so I can get every single answer in the world. So I went to the shed and got some tools to make my amazing machine. I went into my room and got started. I was quite confused at first but then I got the hang of it. Well it is time to find out! I put it in my ear…
After a few days I was finished at last. So I put in my ear and I just about remembered to put battery‘s in it. So I did. Do you think my machine will work?



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I enjoyed being cave men and woman and I also enjoyed guessing other peoples  groups so thank you Hailey.

By maddi