Elsa’s Ice Palace


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Elsa’s ice palace is crystle blue. Olaf and Marsh mellow live there because Elsa made them. An ice palace is made out of ice also inside there are lots of stairs. On top of her palace she has a sparkling star which stands out a mile. She also has a dress which is like the ice palace and she has a balcony so she can she what’s coming and going.

In Olaf ‘s room there is loads of summer bits. Elsa has her own room that she can hide in. In the palace Elsa makes blizzards all around her. When she had that palace she felt like the person she was always meant to be. She has a lovely stair case that Anna went up! When she hit Anna the Ice palace started to go red. Also Olaf runs around it and tries to break the ice.

Volcanoes,earthquakes and tornadoes


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Volcanoes are violent mountains that erupt,sometimes most don’t erupt because they are dormant. One erupted in Pompeii.


Earthquakes happen when tectonic plates bash together, also the grounds shake and you can get lots of cracks in any thing at all.


Tornadoes are caused by a strong gust of wind and thunderstorms.