Make-up Machine


Posted by 3lpupils | Posted in General News | Posted on 03-05-2015

This is my make-up machine 4000. It is so clever! You ask what make up you want and it will do it for you. One day I was walking down the street with my make-up machine and I dropped. I never realised that I dropped and just kept on walking. And then I just realised I dropped it. I started looking for it and I saw a mirror also I walked into it and I was in a different world. I never knew where I was so I needed to find out and there wasn’t any sings saying where I was. So I kept on walking and I saw little people singing. It was a beautiful place to live in and I saw unicorns with shiny horns the little people took to a palace which was beautiful. Everything was shiny. I saw a throne. I asked the little people what the throne was for. They said a queen. But there wasn’t any queen so they told me that I was brought here to be the queen. But I was looking for my make-up machine. “Do you have it?” I said. They said “you left it behind!” “I’m sorry I can’t be your queen. I need to go get my make-up machine so I can keep on making people’s make-up machine or if I don’t I won’t have any money left. Can u take me back home?” “Of course” they said politely. And in a blink I had my make-up machine in my hand and I was walking back home. The end.

Isabelle: Girl great of the stone age!


Posted by Mrs Lynn | Posted in General News | Posted on 24-03-2015

My name is Isabelle and I am amazing !!I am the invention of girl make over 4000!What is this you ask? I will tell you .It is most amazing invention in the world. It is fast as well as very powerful and strong. It all started one cold, grey, miserable evening . I was bored doing everybody’s make up that day.