Ice Palace By Dylan


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Ice palace

This palace is on the top of a steep mountain .It is basically a palace made of ice.It is guarded by an immense snow giant.On the top of the palace is an ice star.The star can send a message to whoever you want it to go to.The mountain is not by a popular building.If you were to enter the palace without any f permission you will get frozen to death.If you can get onto the balcony you will get a lovely view onto all of your town.The reason the mountain has got lots of snow on it is because Elsa made it snow.The only way up to the palace is by the slippery,ice steps.Everything inside and outside is made out of ice.Inside of the palace there are ice statues,ice wepouns,ice chests and ice jewlery.Elsa also created a little snowman called Olaf.Olaf is a walking,talking snowman.



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One day I saw an immense shadow in the distance. What is it?