Shrek’s Swamp House


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Inside Shrek’s Swamp House he has a wife called Fiona and she has lots of beautiful artefacts. Now we are going to walk up to the top half. At the top of the house there is a volcano shaped chimney. Later on in the story Fiona had babies. There nappies are so stinky that Shrek threw them out of the chimney. Then they fall through the mud. There is a donkey called Donkey he always does the chores. Shrek does very smelly things, but for an ogre it is normal. They all have huge green ears. He wears a brown coat and he has green skin.They all have lots of fun together.

Charlie’s 100 Word Challenge


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Ice Palace

An ice palace is a palace made out of ice. There is a twinkling star on the top of the palace. Elsa’s dress is gleaming blue and white like the palace. Ice palaces are normally on snowy mountains. If it is on a snowy mountain, spreading fire can’t get to it so it doesn’t burn it. There is a princess named Else, she built the ice palace with her powers. Sticking out the front of the palace was a balcony. Inside, everything was made out of ice. There are ice statues inside, ice chests, ice beds, ice TV and last but not least an ice wardrobe.



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One day I saw an immense shadow in the distance. What is it?