Life in 3L by Brooke


Posted by Mrs Lynn | Posted in General News | Posted on 09-06-2015

Joy is bright pink.
It tastes like bubblegum ice cream,
And smells like red roses.
Joy looks like children skipping,
The sound of children playing
Joy makes me feel right!

chocolate lolly maker


Posted by 3lpupils | Posted in General News | Posted on 03-05-2015

chocolate lolly maker

This is a chocolate lolly maker and you make chocolate lollys.You have to melt chocolate drops ,pick a lolly shape,choose your secret message and stamp your melted chocolate.Add a stick it your chocolate and rap it in foil.There is no need to refrigerate because it just dries.This is a fantastic idea because you create your own delisous lollys. There is no need to buy expensive batteries. It is cheap because it is 17.99 which is good.Do you think it sounds good?