About my hamster !


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This description is about my hamster called cookie. so my hamster is a really fussy eater so i feed him blue berries corn flakes hamster muesli also raspberries . he also is such a gymnastics hamster he dose monkey bars every night and i can’t Sleep! I also give him hamster milky buttons i love the way he eats it is soooooooooooooo cute . i also get him out he is really soft i let him walk on the floor and he loves being out he dose not like his ball i also love when he washes . when my mum gets him out she puts her hands round him and he comes out  the holes he can find .  he always sharpens his   teeth .                                                 so that is about  my fluffy hamster                                                                                                                                                         cookie!

Shreks swamp


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The  swamp on the out side has grass at the top of the swamp for the roof then branches sticking out of the roof. Then at the very top is a big branch what is meant to be the chimney inside is a black cauldron  hanging from chains then there is a scruffy bed then next to it is the three ogre baby’s bed. Also a table , infront of it is a leather chair were shrek has his drink . On the table is a goldfish .infront of the window  is a kitchen . Then outside again is a little wooden bathroom and shrek reads his news paper while he is in there then obviously at the front is the door . Inside on the side is a shelf  with the ogre baby’s bottles on it then next to the black cauldron hanging from chains is a rocking chair that Fiona sits on.


Ayla’s Machine of the Modern Age


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Hi my name is Ayla and I made an incredible machine. I know what you are thinking what it is?
Well I invented a hair styling machine. It’s the best invention in the world. Well it’s what I think anyway. It helps you or people if I let you use it to save your money for the hair dressers .And yes I am letting you have it for less money it is …£3!!!!! No I am just kidding it is 10p.Your thinking it is the best aren’t you? I thought so .Anyway it all started on a summer morning when my friend Millie went to the hair dressers and spent £5 on it .Well she came back and said “I wish I could save money and my hair looks rubbish all I wanted was nice straitened hair and a bun. But now the bun is falling out and now on the side”