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When i woke up my brother was gone so i run to tell my mum and dad.

They said to  me stop being stupid and go and brush your teeth Ivan.

So in stead i went to look for him by myself.

It was a nasty dirty ugly woods ever.

I found a ice palace so i went in there and i saw my own brother.

Starjik took my brother i should had kown all this time.

He said to me what are you doing here you stupid boy.

I said i am here to say let all the children out of the ice palace.

He done what i said so he became nice.

He let me seep in his ice palace he gave me warm soup and led me the way home.

He said he will not take chidren any more.


Ice Palace


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That elsa made the castle do she can live there. She made it with her powers by herself. Suddenly she made a march mellow man in the castle. The guard try to get her in her own castle.

It made of ice with her powers. She did like it a lot to herself. Happily she didn’t  want anyone to come in. Elsa kept it to herself so she did not want to share it with anyone. She had a lot of stars in her the castle. She even sang songs in the palace. Suddenly she was so proud of herself. She did try her best to make the palace. So she made it with Anna’s help.