My book review


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I am reading Connie and Rollo by Dick King Smith. Connie is a baby . She said “one two three six”. “Mr Button she can add” Connie’s mum explains. Connie goes on to saying 10 even 5 odd.  So Connie knows odd and even numbers. She can also add up huge sums that only Mr Button can do on a calculator. I will be reading more over the next few days to see how Connie gets on, and will keep you posted.


District Sports


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Me and Amie want to say well done and thank you to the people who went to the district sports. In our class, Daniella got a gold medal which means first place. That was for javelin. She also got a sticker that read second place and that was for sprinting. Frankie in our class got a medal as well and his medal was also gold. This was for the tennis ball throw. Tommy got a silver medal and that was for javelin. I don’t know what awards everyone else got but I know that they definitely took part in at least an event!!! We loved it so much!!!! We feel sorry that Mrs Lynn couldn’t come and watch us but at least we gave it a go!!!

By Daniella and Amie.

Ice palace by Amie


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It looks tall. It’s pointy and sharp.There are stairs. Marshmallow is a  snow monster.  The floor  is ice. There is a balcony. It is on  a a hill. It is big . It is magical. There is a big monster . The floor is ice . There is a 1000M drop so no one can get in . She has a bed . It looks beautiful!!! She is the best. Olaf is a snowman . He is funny. The castle is shiny . It is in the middle of no where . There is ice everywhere. A star at the the top. It sparkles . She is magical. It is a good.

Amie’s Dino World


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Amie’s homework as part of our research about dinosaurs