District Sports


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Me and Amie want to say well done and thank you to the people who went to the district sports. In our class, Daniella got a gold medal which means first place. That was for javelin. She also got a sticker that read second place and that was for sprinting. Frankie in our class got a medal as well and his medal was also gold. This was for the tennis ball throw. Tommy got a silver medal and that was for javelin. I don’t know what awards everyone else got but I know that they definitely took part in at least an event!!! We loved it so much!!!! We feel sorry that Mrs Lynn couldn’t come and watch us but at least we gave it a go!!!

By Daniella and Amie.

Life after 3L By Jack


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Fear is deep purple.
It tastes like scratches in your mouth,
And smells like petrol.
Fear looks like a dark, penetrating cloud,
The sound of unsavoury thunder.
Fear grips me hard.

Life in 3L by Brooke


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Joy is bright pink.
It tastes like bubblegum ice cream,
And smells like red roses.
Joy looks like children skipping,
The sound of children playing
Joy makes me feel right!

The Weird Thing!! A Story By Daniella!


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 There once lived a very WEIRD thing. This weird things name was obviously called WEIRD. One day the WEIRD thing went to School and at School, he made a friend called WEIRDO. The next day WEIRDO and WEIRD didn’t go to School because everybody was laughing at their names. The two best friends thought that this was really unacceptable, so they changed their names and they also changed their nerdy attitudes to being super cool. WEIRDOS new name was called COOL and WEIRDS new name was called COOLER. “Why does your name have to be much more COOLER than mine??!!”moaned WEIRD. (Or should I say COOL.) ” Shut up COOL. I don’t even like my own name, ” said COOLER in an angry voice. ” I think that we shouldn’t be friends!” Shouted both of them at the same time. That was the end of the two friends that only lasted for about one and a half days.

The moral of this story is that it is really important to never change who you are.

Edward Tulane by Mrs Lynn


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Edward Tulane is the most extraordinary rabbit you have ever seen. Standing almost 3 feet tall, he is make almost entirely of china, except for his real rabbit fur ears and tail. His vast wardrobe of fine, handmade coats and trousers are all cut from the finest silk. Edward’s most treasured possession is his pocket watch that he keeps on him all the time. He likes to spend his day staring out of the window waiting for Abeline (his mistress) to come home from school. Amazingly, this allows him to watch his own reflection all day, and what a reflection it is.

About my hamster !


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This description is about my hamster called cookie. so my hamster is a really fussy eater so i feed him blue berries corn flakes hamster muesli also raspberries . he also is such a gymnastics hamster he dose monkey bars every night and i can’t Sleep! I also give him hamster milky buttons i love the way he eats it is soooooooooooooo cute . i also get him out he is really soft i let him walk on the floor and he loves being out he dose not like his ball i also love when he washes . when my mum gets him out she puts her hands round him and he comes out  the holes he can find .  he always sharpens his   teeth .                                                 so that is about  my fluffy hamster                                                                                                                                                         cookie!

The door in the forest


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“I am a guard my home job is this. Anyone who enters dose not come back. All of a suden I hear a knock on the door! Do I open it or not? my gard friend Bob askes me the question. Do we run or stay? If the dragon hears the knock we will be in chrobl. Suddenly I hear a bang! Oh no we’re on the wrong side, how are we going to run with out the dragon caching us. Bob. I said with a fritfull vose. I only manged to see the dragon take Bob I was in tears!” This is a story not real I made it by my sefe with a little help from my teacher.



My school trip


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On the school trip I had so much fun because we all got into groups and got to dig out old Bronze Age stuff like old hats, teeth which I think was from a dinosaur!

Lots more.

We also made clay pots and it was easy. You had to make a base that looked like a rich tea biscuit. Some wriggly worms to put round it and squish it and you have your clay pot.

For lunch I had a ham sandwich and some crisps and a bottle of water to keep me going.

Last but not least we got to explore a Stone Age house.

There was Bowes and arrows and all sorts of fur and jewellery.

Then unfortunately we had to go back to school on the bus .

But at least we all had a good time.




Making a good advert


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Making a good advert can be hard especially if you don’t actually like what the thing that your doing the advert on so I’m to tell you how to make a good one. The first step to making a good advert is to make sure that you have a rhettorical question. No matter where the rehettorical question is, it will always make your advert good. The second step to making a good advert is to make sure that if it is a house you are selling, you have to make sure that you use positive words to make the person who wants to buy the house, feel that the house they are going to be buying is a nice place. The last step for a good advert is to use superlatives which either have most at the beggining or an EST for instance, baddest, most beatiful and some other things. Now that I’ve told you some things that you could put in your writing, you’ll probaly be better at writing then me!

chocolate lolly maker


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chocolate lolly maker

This is a chocolate lolly maker and you make chocolate lollys.You have to melt chocolate drops ,pick a lolly shape,choose your secret message and stamp your melted chocolate.Add a stick it your chocolate and rap it in foil.There is no need to refrigerate because it just dries.This is a fantastic idea because you create your own delisous lollys. There is no need to buy expensive batteries. It is cheap because it is 17.99 which is good.Do you think it sounds good?