Drops of Jupiter performed by 3L


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By far our favourite song this year!

What I am Reading!!!! By Daniella


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I am reading The Naughtiest Girl in School.

It is by Enid Blyton.

This book is my book, not a libary book. ( Just if you wanted to know!)

I am enjoying this book.

I am on page 59 and on chapter 7.

What book\s have you been reading?

The Mysterious Figure Part 2 By Daniella


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….. ” Aaaahhhhh,” I screamed. It looked like a goblin…. A green goblin! ( I’ve never ever in my life seen a goblin of any colour.) I asked the goblin what its name was, but all it replied was: ” Meep Meep, Meep Meep,” I replied:” Ok then, hello Meep Meep, Meep Meep!” After a minute, the goblin disappeared, then, SECONDS later, it reappeared , then HOURS later, it disappeared… Again! ” This is getting weird Meep Meep, Meep Meep! ” I shouted. As soon as I said its name ( Meep Meep, Meep Meep ) The goblin stopped disappearing and reappearing, opened the door, and ran away. After the goblin left, I felt loneley, so I screamed for help. Suprisingly, no one heard me when I was totally SCREAMING MY EYES OUT!! I stopped screaming for a moment as no one could hear me and I sat down too think of another way out of the humoungous hole when suddenly….. PING! An idea hit me hard on the head. What if I go through the door and see where it leads to. Great idea, isn’t it? So I got up, opened the door, and went through the door. When I was on the other side of the door, a miracle happend! I saw my Sisters and my childminder and guess who else was there? MY PARENTS! I hadn’t seen them since morning for some reason. I went to hug my family and then we went home to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER, THE END!



6 weeks holiday


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In the six weeks holiday I am going to mayorca and I was wondering what you are doing.

If you aren’t going anywhere where would you like to go?

I hope you enjoy the six week holiday!

My book review


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I am reading Connie and Rollo by Dick King Smith. Connie is a baby . She said “one two three six”. “Mr Button she can add” Connie’s mum explains. Connie goes on to saying 10 even 5 odd.  So Connie knows odd and even numbers. She can also add up huge sums that only Mr Button can do on a calculator. I will be reading more over the next few days to see how Connie gets on, and will keep you posted.


The Worry Poem


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Worry is a deep black

The sound of deafening silence

Tastes like foot in the mouth

And smells like gas in the air

Worry reminds me of the second eruption of Mount Vesuvius

The Mysterious Figure…


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Hi there. I’m going to tell you the legend of The Mysterious Figure. It ALL began on a Friday morning when I was getting out of my bed, I heard a weird sound. It sounded a bit like this: Grrrrrrrrr! It sounded like it was coming from my wardrobe. So I got out of my bed(I hadn’t got out of my bed yet.) I opened the cupboard door and there I found… NOTHING!! I know,nothing! I was then wondering, if  there’s nothing in my wardrobe, then what could that sound be? I chose my clothes for School and then went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and do some other stuff. Afterwards, I went downstairs for breakfast. When I had finished my breakfast, I made my journey to School with my childminder, my 4 year old sister, and my 1 year old sister. When we were nearly at School, I felt like someone was following me. In fact I felt like someone was following me the WHOLE way to School! There was also a huge hole in front of me. I couldn’t jump over it, and I couldn’t walk around it, because it took up all the space. It was time to overcome my fear , and it was to fall through the hole! “Aaaaahhhhh” I screamed. The hole was very deep. I then heard footsteps. There was a door. The door opened. That’s when I actually saw something.

To be continued….

6 Week Holiday!! By Daniella


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Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I’m sooooo EXCITED!! It’s nearly the SIX WEEK HoLiDaY!!! WhErE aRe YoU gOiNg? IF YOUR noT going anywhere for the HOLIDAY, where would you like to go? I hope you enjoy your six week holiday. Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays.



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When i woke up my brother was gone so i run to tell my mum and dad.

They said to  me stop being stupid and go and brush your teeth Ivan.

So in stead i went to look for him by myself.

It was a nasty dirty ugly woods ever.

I found a ice palace so i went in there and i saw my own brother.

Starjik took my brother i should had kown all this time.

He said to me what are you doing here you stupid boy.

I said i am here to say let all the children out of the ice palace.

He done what i said so he became nice.

He let me seep in his ice palace he gave me warm soup and led me the way home.

He said he will not take chidren any more.


The Great Exsplosion of… Mt. Vesuvius!


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Oh my gosh!!! Did any of you hear “The Great Explosion Of… Mt Vesuvius”? Well I know I did! The volcano Mt Vesuvius, erupted in 7 AD in, I would say AUGUST. Now likely a NORMAL volcano would erupt one time. This volcano erupted… TWO TIMES. The first eruption did not bother the villagers at all. The second eruption was mostly ash and killed nearly nearly EVERYBODY, BUT! there was one man who died and before he did, he wrote words about the second eruption. We can still go and see the bodies left in Pompeii. Or just look it up online! Comment what  YOU know about the city, Pompeii, what you know about the volcano that erupted and all that interesting stuff.