Carolyn: Girl Genius of the Modern Age

My name is Carolyn and I am a genius! I am the inventor of Teacher Marker 3000. What is this you ask? I will tell you. It is the most amazing invention in the world and it will save teacher’s thousands of hours every year. How did I come to invent it? Well that is a longer story.
It all started one cold, grey, miserable evening. Bored, I was marking the stories that my class had written. Disappointingly, they hadn’t used any of the good ideas I had given them. If only there was a way to mark them without having to read them. When suddenly, the idea hit me! Invent a pen that could mark for me. Mission accomplished!
My first task was to find someone to help me. Andrew had always been quite good with the technology so I asked him for help.
“I have this great idea, I think we could make a fortune,” I enthused to Andrew.
Excitedly, I told him all about my idea and we got straight to work.
Before long we had a working pen. You gave it a command and it marked all the books in half the time. My life was going great! However, something was about to go horribly wrong. Horribly!
I had been using my pen for a couple of months and it was all going swimmingly. No problems so far and I even had time to see the latest Avengers film at the cinema (something which I would never have had time for before the Teacher Marker 3000!) When out of the blue, it started spilling ink on the page. First it happened to Brooke’s book, then again with Harrison’s. What was wrong?
I asked Andrew if his was ok, but he was having no problems, so I didn’t worry too much. I was wrong not to worry!
After about 2 months of using it, Miss Shadbolt, the headteacher, asked to see some books. This was normal for our school, so I gave some in as usual. What happened next I never expected.
That afternoon, Miss Shadbolt came to my room with a letter. I was being sacked. It turns out my pen had been writing terrible things in the books and I hadn’t noticed. Terrible things like Ayla smells, and Frankie is stupid. The worst one was in Katharine’s book where it had said that she was the worst writer it had ever seen and she should go back to Year 1 and learn some new skills. I wouldn’t have minded but she was the hardest working writer in the class.
Mortified, my world began crashing down. I had been sacked, my pen had gone wrong and I wasn’t going to become the millionaire I had hoped to be. What was I going to do?
I needed to fix it and I needed to fix it quickly. I decided to write some letters, this time using an ordinary pen. First I would write to Miss Shadbolt, apologising for the comments and explaining about my Teacher Marker 3000. Next I would write to the parents. I would tell them what had happened and say what great children they had and what progress they had made in their writing. Finally, I would destroy the Teacher Marker 3000.
Just as I was about to take the pen apart, Andrew came running in.
“Stop!” he yelled.
I stared at him!
Before long he had explained how he could adapt the pen to make sure it never happened again. Even Miss Shadbolt thought it was a good idea. There was still hope for me becoming a millionaire! I wonder what I should buy first.