The Mysterious Figure Part 2 By Daniella


Posted by 3lpupils | Posted in General News | Posted on 13-07-2015

….. ” Aaaahhhhh,” I screamed. It looked like a goblin…. A green goblin! ( I’ve never ever in my life seen a goblin of any colour.) I asked the goblin what its name was, but all it replied was: ” Meep Meep, Meep Meep,” I replied:” Ok then, hello Meep Meep, Meep Meep!” After a minute, the goblin disappeared, then, SECONDS later, it reappeared , then HOURS later, it disappeared… Again! ” This is getting weird Meep Meep, Meep Meep! ” I shouted. As soon as I said its name ( Meep Meep, Meep Meep ) The goblin stopped disappearing and reappearing, opened the door, and ran away. After the goblin left, I felt loneley, so I screamed for help. Suprisingly, no one heard me when I was totally SCREAMING MY EYES OUT!! I stopped screaming for a moment as no one could hear me and I sat down too think of another way out of the humoungous hole when suddenly….. PING! An idea hit me hard on the head. What if I go through the door and see where it leads to. Great idea, isn’t it? So I got up, opened the door, and went through the door. When I was on the other side of the door, a miracle happend! I saw my Sisters and my childminder and guess who else was there? MY PARENTS! I hadn’t seen them since morning for some reason. I went to hug my family and then we went home to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER, THE END!



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