The Mysterious Figure…


Posted by 3lpupils | Posted in General News | Posted on 22-06-2015

Hi there. I’m going to tell you the legend of The Mysterious Figure. It ALL began on a Friday morning when I was getting out of my bed, I heard a weird sound. It sounded a bit like this: Grrrrrrrrr! It sounded like it was coming from my wardrobe. So I got out of my bed(I hadn’t got out of my bed yet.) I opened the cupboard door and there I found… NOTHING!! I know,nothing! I was then wondering, if  there’s nothing in my wardrobe, then what could that sound be? I chose my clothes for School and then went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and do some other stuff. Afterwards, I went downstairs for breakfast. When I had finished my breakfast, I made my journey to School with my childminder, my 4 year old sister, and my 1 year old sister. When we were nearly at School, I felt like someone was following me. In fact I felt like someone was following me the WHOLE way to School! There was also a huge hole in front of me. I couldn’t jump over it, and I couldn’t walk around it, because it took up all the space. It was time to overcome my fear , and it was to fall through the hole! “Aaaaahhhhh” I screamed. The hole was very deep. I then heard footsteps. There was a door. The door opened. That’s when I actually saw something.

To be continued….

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What happened to your sisters? Did they go in the hole with you?

Good question. Well I realised that I was the only person in the hole.

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